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good night, america. we'll see you later. . >>> a race against the clock in west virginia. four miners missing in a deadly explosion that killed 25 others. tonight the race is on to find out if they're dead or alive. >>> thanks for joining us this evening. i'm shawn yancy. >>> i'm brian bolter. the frantic search to locate those missing miners is happening as we speak. drilling started about four hours ago. they have to get 1200 feet down to reach the blast site. meanwhile we're learning more about problems with the mine flagged months ago. fox 5's tom fitzgerald live tonight in montcoal, west virginia monitoring the latest. >> reporter: this drilling operation started a few hours ago. it will go into tomorrow. the goal is to vent the methane gas that built up in the mine shaft which is believed to have caused the explosion yesterday. but even as that operation goes on, we are learning new details about this mine itself. the coal production of the big branch mine nearly tripled last year but so, too, was there a big jump in the safety violations here. nearly 50 just last month a
area. find out how much it's costing virginia to get them here. >>> the sign says we buy cars. but do they? i'm beth parker. i'll tell you why some people are upset with this company. >>> this quick thinking 8-year-old is credited with saving his grandmother's life. what he did when she had a medical emergency behind the wheel. l.avrnndeais >>> d.c. wanted it and so did maryland but virginia got it. grummond is moving to the commonwealth. the news force on virginia. >> reporter: north republic grummond has a presence in virginia and thousands of workers in the shipyard at newport news. virginia officials put incentives on the table but so did government leaders in maryland and d.c. the ceo of the 34 billion dollars a year company explained why virginia won out. >> the proximity and the available real estate played a big role in it but the economics also played a big role. the economics were both the incentives put forward by the state and by the counties, as well as the economics of the available real estate. >> reporter: virginia governor bob mcdonald estimated in
. to our south some of these storms have been rotating. that's in southern virginia where we've seen some tornado watches and warnings n. line is so solid, it's literally up and down the east coast. winds are getting a little bit better. these storms even go all the way down to a -- to augusta. reagan national report add wind gust just shy of 06 miles an hour. -- 60 miles an hour. annapolis 46. andrews 54 and falls church, virginia had a wind gust to 60. hope you can find your garbage can in the morning. we still have some significant gusts out there between 25 and 30 and the rain is pretty significant. i think it will taper off after 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. great news about the weekend forecast and of course this is all the beginning of a big temperature change. i'll have those details for you coming up good see you in a few minutes. >>> we're following new developments in west virginia. officials say dangerous gases trapped in the upper big branch mine are clearing. >> rescue crews could resume their search for the four missing miners sometime tonight. tom fitzgerald live in montco
's five-day forecast. >>> new tonight, police released video of a b heist in northern virginia. a fast-food restaurant with customers inside. prisons william county police say they're not the only brazen bandits on the run. wisdom martin has the latest. >> reporter: we're talking about three different crimes and groups of suspects but what makes this so stunning is the fact that they're so aggressive and bold when they're committing these crimes. tonight police are releasing surveillance video of the suspect in action in hopes of getting them off the streets. this is just released surveillance video captured at wendy's on old bridge rode a few months ago around 9:00 just after customers placed their orders, police say two masked men rushed in. >> two suspects came in. one is going to stay at the front counter. and then the other is going to jump over. and take the manager with him to the back room. >> reporter: he struck the manager in the head and forced him to the ground. eventually he forced that same manager to open the safe. took the money, and ran away. >> there is always a poten
, virginia. no arrests have been made. >>> tomorrow students at one d.c. school will head back to class for the first time since their principal was murdered. brian betts was found shot to death in his silver spring home. he was a popular principal at d.c.'s shaw middle school. grieving students will head back to class this week. they found his suv on 4th street in southeast. witnesses say they saw four young men running from that vehicle but so far police have not made any arrests or named any suspects. >>> we're following another big story tonight. soot and ash are still spewing miles into the air from the volcano in iceland. it's forced airports from ireland to ukraine to close. 20,000 more flights were canceled today stranding millions of travelers all over the world. here in our area at dulles international airport, hundreds of passengers are frustrated. as fox 5's karen gray houston tells us, they just want to get home. >> reporter: some of these passengers stranded at the marriott this is as close to a plane they're going to get for now and possibly the next few days. it was a mi
with virginia plates. those plates, xks 1522. virginia plates. here's another look at the picture. if you see him please give alexandria police a call. neighbors say there was an ongoing custody dispute over that little girl. police say the two parents did have a relationship in the past. at this hour, though, the manhunt continues. we're live in the news room, roby chavez, fox 5 news. >> thank you for that. >>> a crime alert on the campus of george washington university. police say two suspects pulled out knives and chased somebody earlier this morning. they stabbed someone in the upper arm and then ran off. the victim was treated and released from the hospital. >>> fire at a d.c. school and the smoke could be seen for miles. it bill owed from the roof of eastern high school on east capital street this afternoon. fire officials say it started around 4:30. the school is under doing renovations. some crews were working today. they all did get out safely. the fire began in the roof. no word on a cause. >>> another big story. the world's power players converging on d.c. that could mean major tra
at virginia tech remembering the tragedy exactly three years ago today. >> lesli sherman. maxine turner, daniel o'neal. >> governor bob mcdonnell reading the 32 names of the victims gunned down by a student back in 2007. we report now on the lasting impact the massacre has had on blacksburg, virginia [ bell tolls ] >> reporter: a somber ceremony friday to mark the three-year anniversary of the massacre at virginia tech. >> cold, wind, snow flurry, heartbreak and tragedy in blacksburg, virginia. >> reporter: 32 people died on april 16, 2007 when student cho seung-hui opened fire on campus before killing himself. several memorial events were held on campus friday, including a balloon release and memorial run. >> remembering those that lost their lives on this horrible day but a day of rather bans for the families and those that -- remembrance for the families and those that work at tech and have to deal with this every day. >> reporter: governor mcdonnell expressed his own sympathies for victims' families and gratitude to the first responders. >> out of the tragedy became a dialogue here
disaster. rescue personnel and equipment arriving at the mine near month coal, west virginia. >> you can't explain the feeling you get in your stomach when you know something is bad. >> reporter: more than a dozen coal miners are said to be trapped underground. massey energy company owns the performanceoal company about 30 miles south of charleston. >> we really just came to pray because we don't have immediate family in the mines but we know so many people that work here. our pastor works at this mine from our church. he wasn't in the mine. he's here. and we're just praying. all we can do as a community is come together and pray. >> reporter: we believe this is the mine in a satellite i image from google earth. upper big branch produced 1.2 million tons of coal last year. it has about 200 employee, most of whom work underground. state safety officials say the mine has emergency oxygen supply, escape routes and air tight chambers designed to provide enough air to keep miners alive for four days if they can't make their way out after an accident like this one. west virginia requires all u
with that. what i read in the papers is that virginia arlington county proposing to step up to the plate and they should be commended. if only we could get d.c. and maryland on board a lot of our problems would be solved. >> the last two public hearings are tomorrow. one's in northwest and the other in rockville, maryland. go to and click on web links for details. >>> the forecast that will leave you talking just in time for the peak bloom of the cherry blossoms. thounds spent the day checking them out and the next few days will be even better. in the weather center with what's in store. >> the cherry blossoms are enticing. i'm looking forward to seeing them myself tomorrow. upload pictures to our website at if you're down. talk about temperatures. what a reversal of fortunes. up to 71 today. dulles hit 73. so nice to get warm temperatures. raleigh 77. look at the heat all of a sudden. don't you feel like we've gone from winter to spring in a big hurry here. some are showing up on the weather map. dallas 83 degrees. wichita up to 85.
. >>> a new investigation into the coal mine explosion in west virginia. >>> another gut punch tonight for toyota. its upscale lexus suv got hit with a safety writing so bad consumers are being told not to buy it. consumer reports gave the lexus gx 460 a don't buy rating. the group saves the vehicle's electronic traction control doesn't react fast enough and cannot stop the vehicle from rolling over. it's the first time in nine years the group has issued such a warning. >> when the vehicle the gx 460 is push to its limits the rear end swings out wide until the vehicle is almost sideways. if this is to happen in a real world situation it could lead to a roll over. >> lexus has stopped selling the vehicle t says engineers conducted similar tests but did not find that problem. it also says the lexus gx 460 meets or exceeds all the federal government's testing. >>> how safe is the beef you eat in despite inspections and recalls when there is something wrong there might be things in your food you don't know about. penicillin, copper, arsenic. it's dangerous. melanie alnwick has a consumer a
crews in west virginia gearing up to search for four miners missing in a deadly explosion. and the search could get under way at any minute now. thanks for joining us this evening. i'm shawn yancy. >>> i'm brian bolter. the situation in west virginia is now changing by the moment. officials announcing just in the last hour that the deadly gases trapped inside the mines since monday are finally being vented. rescue crews could start their search for those four missing miners tonight. tom fitzgerald is live in montcoal, west virginia tonight. >> reporter: this is welcome news for the families waiting for two days now for rescue teams to enter that mine and look for these four missing miners. it came just hours after officials had already announced that the methane levels inside that mine were so dangerous that the mine was at risk of another explosion. but tonight with two holes bored into the earth venting that gas out and those levels coming down, there is hope tonight, overnight, that those crews can get in. at the same time there are
may have walked out of his apartment. >>> a 12-year-old boy in dumb fridays, virginia is charged with bringing a gun to school. he never threatened his classmates but did show off the weapon. bob barnard has more. >> reporter: the student is a sixth grader at dumphies:the 12-year-old boy flashed the gun this morning and when he got off the bus after 8:00 he pulled the gun out of his pocket, put it to his head and threatened to hurt himself. official say a male teacher doing bus duty saw what was happening and grabbed the gun. it turns out it was unloaded. >> it could be a lack in parenting. kids got -- parents got to be more in touch with their kids. >> reporter: we're told the boy was taken to the office. police were called and he was arrested, charged with possession of a gun on school property. parents in this community are calling what happened a cry for help. >> parents should be more involved because that child should have been able to go to their parents and talk to their parents and possibly get into some type of counseling or something, some kind of help. i think they're
for the future of the court. >>> we begin with developing news from west virginia. crews are making another attempt to rescue four missing miners trapped in the upper big branch mine. the governor says if those miners are not found by midnight, this rescue mission will become a recovery operation. thanks for joining us this even. i'm shawn yancy. >>> i'm brian bolter. fox 5's bob barnard following the developing story down in the newsroom. >> reporter: we should know in about two hours how this week- long story ends. will the four missing coal miners be found alive or will their bodies have to be recovered with 18 others still buried in the mine. rescue teams are going back into upper big branch one last time to see if four missing miners made it into one of the mine's deep refuge chambers. >> we believe without any unforeseen problems that we would not know of, that we'll be able to know if we have that sliver of hope, if we have that miracle and to be able to bring a finality to this and a closure tonight. >> reporter: the first miner funeral was held today for 61- year-old benny willingh
. >>> today the president and vice president attended a memorial service honoring victims of the west virginia mine disaster. 29 workers were killed earlier this month in a coal mine explosion. fox 5's jennifer davis joins us with more on the service. >> reporter: before today's memorial service the president and vice president met privately and individually with the families of the 29 men killed in the mine explosion. the president publicly promised to do whatever he can to make sure no other miners die pursuing the american dream. >> kim i davis, carl pea hiu acorn. james eddie mooney. >> reporter: one after another, the names of 29 husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, grand fathers and nephews were read aloud. and as their families placed a miner's helmet on a simple white cross they received presidential condolences for the loss of their ones in the he explosion. >> these miners lived as they died, in pursuit of the american dream. ♪ >> reporter: the vice president says those who died were braving dangerous underground conditions to put food on their tables and power their country. >> the
and they gathered on this night in woodbridge, madonna for the -- woodbridge, virginia for the all madonna episode. >> reporter: it's the first episode to be deld indicated entirely to -- dedicate entirely to one artist. the power of madonna is winning over these glee fans. >> my daughter sings in a glee club at wood bridge high school. a lot of friends enjoyed the show and i got on the bandwagon and we've had a lot of fun watching it. >> a bunch of young folks coming together doing positive things with a positive image in front of them goes a long way too. >> reporter: heather entered a contest on the glee page and won. >> we have glee popcorn which we haven't popped yet and a glee cooler. >> reporter: some of the younger fans in the mix are flee club members themselves. they're part of the woodbridge singers at woodbridge high school. >> now that the glee show is on, people want to like pursue like choir stuff. oh, this is so cool. >> then you know your love is real. >> reporter: but the singing and enthusiasm is catching on with fans of all ages. >> i'm from ohio and the school mckinly high sch
as southwestern virginia is concerned and the national weather service said early reports, wind gusts were from 70 to 80 miles an hour and there is flash flooding. a lot of buildings destroyed and they're saying there were several tornados, not just one in the area in mississippi. the national weather service is out there first thing tomorrow to survey the damage and at that point, they will determine what it was and the strength of those tornados as well. bringing it here at home, let's look at true view. we have widespread rainfall moving in across our area. if you look to the west, that is the leading edge of the storm system and by tomorrow, we are going to be under a slight risk of seeing severe weather and we're going have to stay on top of this. we're talking storms in the morning hours and by the afternoon, that is when we have a chance of severe storms in our neighborhood and we'll bring you another update on what to expect coming up later on. back to you. >> and we'll see you then. of course, we're not finished with the story and you can can stay on top of the latest developments any tim
of the virginia tech massacre and the families of two students killed are pressing congress to close the so-called gun show loophole. in a full page ad in today's richmond times dispatch, they ask u.s. senators jim webb and mark warntory support a bill that would require private sellers to run background checks on buyers at gun shows. gun rights activists oppose the measure. >>> hundreds of gun rights activists rallied on both sides of the potomac today over your right to bear arms. one group packing heat gathered in arlington. their counterparts gathered on the national mall. bob barnard has the story. >> reporter: there were about as many journalists at the rally as gun rights activists. we had our cameras. >> this is the springfield 1911 45. >> reporter: they had their guns. >> pump shotgun. this is a primary home defense weapon. >> reporter: many were touting shotguns. others brought their rifles, pistols, even a few semiautomatic machine guns, all supposedly unloaded. >> i'm carrying a riverle today. you're to have it over your showld we are the barrel pointing down. >> reporter: they'
this guy. he's accused of hitting gyms across northern virginia while people are woking out -- working out. he's stolen credit cards, wallets, keys. police want you to give them a call if i have any information. >>> we're getting a first look at the evidence prosecutors hope would send a man arrested for being naked in his home to jail. one key piece proving to be the crucial clue that swayed the jury to find he was not guilty. tonight he has a message for you. fox 5's jennifer davis sat down with him today. >> reporter: eric williams says he should never have been arrested at gunpoint inside his own home for being naked in his kitchen. a jury agreed and found him not guilty of indecent exposure. he wants people to realize how easy it is to be charged with a crime like this and how difficult it is to rebuild your life, even after a jury says you've done nothing wrong. eric williamsson says these are the photos that convinced the jury he was telling the truth and had no idea two women saw him drinking coffee naked if his kitchen back in october. >> it's great to be not guilty but i still ha
to make sure last week's deadly disaster inside a west virginia coal mine does not happen again. the president is calling on congress to strengthen existing laws. 29 miners were killed in the explosion. masse yi energy claims it has -- massey energy claims it has an above average safety record. >> we need to get inspectors into those mines immediately to make sure they're not facing the same unsafe conditions that led to this disaster. >> the west virginia governor has issued an executive order calling for all underground mines to halt operations tomorrow to honor those who died. >>> a former xtive from the national -- executive from the national security agency is facing ten felony charges for leaking classified information. federal prosecutors say he gave national secrets to newspapers. he is accused of sending hundreds of empty mails with sensitive secret information to reporters. >>> the d.c. park contracting controversy is heating up again. a friend and fraternity brother to mayor adrian fenty is on the hot seat after snubbing a special council committee monthing ago. they'
pirates are being held accused of firing on a u.s. navy battleship based out of norfolk, virginia. it happened on the indian ocean. the crew of the u.s.s. nicholas returned fire sinking the pirate's small boat and capturing their ship. u.s. forces have stepped up antipiracy efforts in the region. >>> with water levels receding many residents are trying to figure out how to start the cleanup. sue palka with more. >> reporter: good riddance to the march lion in the northeast. they have had three soaking for easters that produced record rain totals in the last week. while the rain is gone and waters are receding flooding still continues as many rivers are well above major flood stage. it might be april fool's but this is no joke. flooding up and down the northeast from new jersey to rhode island folks are cleaning up thanks to the march madness of storms. like in lincoln park, new jersey where streets have turned into rivers and homes are submerged. march was the wettest on record in the garden state with an average of 9.26 inches of rain. in easternonnecticut many schools and roads
in iceland still lingering, brian. >> bob barnard tonight. >>> heads up for anyone on the roads in virginia overnight. about two hours from now road crews will close all lanes ever the dulles toll road at hunter mill road exit. the closures will start between midnight and 2:45 a.m. and last about 15 mince at a time. it's all part of the metrorail construction project to dulles airport. >>> the storm force tracking today's wet weather. a live look outside right now. it looks hazy. warmer weather is now moving in. sue palka is down in the weather center. all right, sue, bring on that warmer weather. >> good observation on the live shot that actually is a little bit of fog. we're seeing that being reported at reagan, dulles and bwi. good news. the rain has started to move out. we will watch for the fog. trueview will show you most of the showers we have left across the region are mainly over on the delmarva peninsula. that should do it although check out the rain. we did not get a lot today. it was enough to probably get rid of the pollen which is good news for a lot of you. generally under a
virginia is having ripple effects across the state. governor joe manchin ordered all underground mines in the state to be inspected. starting friday state regulators will begin checking the mines that have repeatedly been warned about explosive risks in the state this year. the state believes methane gas played a role in last week's explosion at the upper big branch mine that killed 29 people. the governor urged miners to put safety first. >> you go to every one of your shifts that day and commit yourself and honor the fallen brothers that you have, that you will review all your safety practices and you will commit yourself to having the safest workplace so no other family member, no other miner will go through what we have just had to endure. >> gas levels were still too high at the upper big branch mine today so federal investigators were not able to go inside. >>> now to the devastation unfolding in china. part of the country is in shambles tonight after several strong earthquakes this morning. the quakes hit the mountainous tibetan region. the
, the district of maryland and virginia, the peace authority. >> thousand for that. the thank you for that. >>> and an officer was killed when he lost control of his cruiser earlier this road on randolph road in wheaton. he was on the way to the office to report a fight. the name is not released. he was 31 years old and a veteran of the force. he has a wife and one-year-old child. >>> and a warning tonight from senator lieberman, what he said needs to be done to secure the rails. >>> and christians celebrating easter sunday, while a dark cloud is hanging over the church. we have more on that. >>> and we're staying on top of the redskins news, mcnabb traded to the skin. new information and reaction as it comes into our news room. we'll be right back but not a moment too soon, right? howard and linda were saving for natalie's college since she was born. she's going to need a lot of stuff. those everyday things we didn't plan on. so we showed them how wachovia's way2save program could help. ♪ every time they swipe their check card to make a purchase, a dollar is automatically transferred f
. >> reporter: last week, the virginia governor had strong words for people who made threats against members of congress for the health care debate. >> that is not the way we do business in america. we elect people to vote for us and respect one another's differences. >> reporter: he is one of 30 governors nationwide including the one from missouri all of them calling for them to resign in three days or be removed from officer. the fbi and homeland security department are investigating. the fbi says that the letters were sent by the guardians of the free republic. its website features audios featuring its goals including putting the government on trial for financial injustice. >> we know where it begins and where it is at. >> reporter: for his part, governor mcdonald's office issued a statement saying that the office of the governor receive the letter by mail on march 31st and it was turned over to the state police and then the rich month fbi office. the governor and his family are secure at all times. >> i think they should be taken seriously. >> reporte
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